A Christmas mini game/contest for Casa. I worked on this project during my time at Pivott. Casa wanted a game to promote their Christmas product line-up. Participants could win a fully decorated Christmas tree. I was in charge of the webdesign, UX and UI design of all pages. 

I illustrated and designed the splash/loading screen. The developer used his magic and animated the tree while the app was loading.

I directed the photoshoot of each tree with all it’s different styled decorations. Each tree needed a photograph of various stages of decoration, as users could choose within the app – to stylize their tree in any possible way.

The full user experience of the app has been developed by me, implementing all touches of the UI in the final phase.  The app was designed to be mobile first, however, a desktop version was foreseen with real time tips and info related to the products used in the game.

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