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1. Why create a mobile app?

“I want real-time insights into my app’s performance from anywhere at any time”

executive data.ai customer
The executive
  • On the move
  • Monitors
  • Activates team
The rest of the team
  • Stationed at their desks
  • Deep dive analysis
  • Specific workflows

2. Defining product opportunity & validating user value

Getting to know our user persona through customer interviews.

Identifying their main challenge and problem with the current web product.

Defining a hypothesis that might answer their user need and add value to our business product portfolio.

“The most important thing for me is to be able lookup something quickly”

– data.ai customer interviewee

Building a TestFlight app on iOS that serves are our PoC: App Anine Lookup.

Distribute the app to our executive customer persona panel.

Use in app survey’s and customer interview follow-up to learn and define the next steps.

App Annie Lookup PoC on TestFlight

Internal testing

Quality and design assessment of the PoC with a team of engineers, PM’s and designers.

External testing

Getting the product in the hand of our test-panel successfully.

Customer interviews

Getting qualitative feedback from our customers after having used the PoC.

Visual design validation

3. Building the final product and expanding on features

Pulse by data.ai is the result of great team work, visionary ideas, countless product iterations, user testing and customer interviews. We expanded on features like compare, where our customers could benchmark their app against the competition. Top charts is another big feature where users could see top performing apps in different markets. Everything stays close to our core value proposition: being able to lookup quick insights on how apps perform anywhere, at any time.

App scheme

Bringing together mobile and web

Various product features that we launched with Pulse by data.ai resulted in having those same features on our B2B SaaS platform on the web. Examples are News Feed and Mobile Performance Score. The core value and product market fit for these features resulted into initiatives that would align these experiences from mobile on the web platform.

News Feed
Mobile Performance Score

“Pulse by data.ai became one of my go-to-products, especially when I need to find high-level insights quickly”

executive data.ai customer

Pulse by data.ai designs

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