Phone Guardian

for iOS & Android

1. Why improve Phone Guardian?

After setting up Phone Guardian VPN, users are protected and don’t come back to the app.

When apps run in the background, it can happen that VPN accidentally disconnects.

Users continue to use their phone without knowing they are not protected anymore.

2. Finding the right product opportunity

Max is the best dog and he protects my phone, I wish I could play with him!

– Phone Guardian user

Everyone loves Max

The VPN security Phone Guardian offers clearly targets users that want to “feel safe”. From user research and all reviews on both iOS and Google Play one thing is clear: everyone loves Max!

Gamification boosts engagement

Combining our hypothesis with insights from other apps, we believe that users will be encouraged to open the app more often if there is a reward system.

3. Build & validate

Without taking anything away from the security features, we introduced the interactions “pet” and “fetch” to measure if 1) users would engage with them and 2) if users would open the app more frequently. We saw a big increase in both metrics. Quickly validating these gave us confidence to move forward and expand on the achievement system.

Introducing Achievements & Rewards

The longer people were protected, the more achievements users would unlock.

Users were encouraged to stay protected, open the app to check their progress, and play / dress up Max!

We saw a big uplift in retention and a down trend in users who accidentally got disconnected from VPN.

This app is great, I’m always protected and I love Max!! I can play with him so I never get bored of this app!

– Google Play Store reviewer

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