About me:
I’m an all-round digital graphic designer. Over the last years I’ve been focusing on making digital services visually attractive and easy to use. Designing creative visuals, implementing them in digital environments and linking them to UI design is what I enjoy doing most. Currently I’m eager to expand my skillset regarding UX design. I try to learn something new every day and I’m motivated to develop my knowledge and experience on that subject further.

During my career over the past 7 years, I grew from being a junior to senior designer, to the manager and head of the design of a team of 4. I truly believe in effective team work – learning, being inspired and challenged by others – in order to achieve great things together.

Art direction, graphic design, UX design, UI design (mobile, app and web design), photo manipulation and editing, illustration and covering some basics in motion design.

+7 years in digital agencies.

Current job:
Head of design & art director @ pivott.world

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Pivott (former JUSt. Agency) with whom I’ve been working for the last 5 years and where I’ve been able to build my portfolio and experience significantly. 

Check out Tom Anthoni, freelance developer with whom I worked together on almost all websites and applications that are showcased in my portfolio.